Friends of White Flint Draft Statement on Financing Options

Friends of White Flint Draft Statement on Financing Options

Friends of White Flint uses an open and public policy development process for major organizational positions and testimony. At its Board of Directors meeting Monday night (which was also open to the public), the FoWF Board decided on a position concerning the desireable mechanisms for financing the infrastructure needed to implement the White Flint Sector Plan. A draft statement incorporating the FoWF position is now available for public comment.

You can find the draft statement here.

We urge you to review the FoWF draft statement, and comment. All comments are welcome. You do not need to be a FoWF Director or even member to comment. You may post comments here, but the most effective comments are those sent directly to me at

All comments on this draft MUST be received by 8AM Friday Oct. 22. Since we usually get a large number of detailed comments, we generally do not respond to comments directly, and do not generally answer questions as part of the policy development process. But we will review and consider all comments submitted as part of this process.

FoWF’s testimony at the Montgomery County Council’s Oct. 26 public hearing on financing options will be drawn from the final version of this statement.

Thank you.

Barnaby Zall

Co-Chair, Friends of White Flint

Barnaby Zall


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