Hartman visits White Flint Nov. 19

Hartman visits White Flint Nov. 19

The annals of fiction are filled with stories of hidden powers behind the throne and mysterious unseen forces at work. Next week one of those mysterious forces emerges from behind the curtain into the full glare of Mid-Pike Plaza in White Flint.

Ken Hartman is the Director of the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Center. The Regional Service Centers are one of Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett’s ways of decentralizing County outreach and communications. The B-CC Center includes White Flint, and thus, Hartman is Ike Leggett’s man on the spot in White Flint.

Hartman will have a “Coffee and Conversation” chat at La Madeleine restaurant at Mid-Pike, 11858 Rockville Pike, from 9-11AM on Friday, Nov. 19. Karen Thon, who heads the Bethesda Urban District, suggests the visits can be valuable for residents: “Find out about programs and services in Montgomery County, learn more about the Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board and their role in the community, or just bring your concerns for your community to discuss.” La Madeleine has a nice fireplace in the center of the casual dining area, and is a good spot to meet your community’s leaders.

 Perhaps you could ask him why the County Executive is happy to raise $7 billion from new White Flint taxes (including possibly on current residents) so long as he can send all of it somewhere else in the County?

Barnaby Zall

Barnaby Zall


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Barnaby – I look forward to seeing you and others this Friday. This coffee is a counterpart to my monthly open house in Bethesda – recognition that there is more than one downtown in our part of the County! I will bring copies of the implementation plan worked out with the Partnership. Hopefully this can resolve any misunderstandings about the Executive’s approach to financing White Flint. Ken

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