rePIKEalization – an Update on Pike and Rose

rePIKEalization – an Update on Pike and Rose

rePIKEalization: changing the perception of Rockville Pike

Federal Realty Investment Trust  has coined a new term to go along with its development at Pike & Rose: rePIKEalization.  The image reinforces Federal Realty’s vision for the White Flint District and was highlighted at their recent Phase 2 Site Plan and Preliminary Plan Amendment Pre-Submission Meeting.  Nearly 100 community members congregated to hear the latest from Vice President of Development, Evan Goldman.  He stressed that Federal Realty’s expertise in mixed use development, their concentration in retail, and an emphasis on placemaking will make Pike & Rose a jewel in White Flint.

It’s striking how much will be accomplished on the concrete footprint that is now Mid-Pike Plaza. But, at full build-out, Pike & Rose will encompass about 3.5 million square feet of development.  This includes 1.1 million ft2 of office space, 430K feet2 of retail and 1,500 residential units (around 200 being moderately priced dwelling units).


Phase One of Pike & Rose has already broken ground and Goldman provided an update on the 900,000 ft2 project, scheduled for delivery in Spring of 2014 (residential) and Fall of 2014 (retail).  Phase One includes the 18-story Pallas residential building which will feature approximately 300 units, including larger 3-BR and 2-BR with den options.  Tenants will enjoy a roof deck with party room, pool and garden plots for rent right on the green roof.



Persei is a 4-story wood frame mixed-use building.  Two restaurants will share the lower level – one will be a pizza joint compared to 2 Amys downtown, the other will be a café/wine bar with outdoor space.  Nearby, a tree grotto will also feature a wood deck and outdoor seating for events.  Both Pallas and Persei are planned as rental properties but Goldman acknowledged that Pallas might become a condo building in the future.


The public jewel of Phase One is a retail space housing a handful of unique spots for White Flint visitors.  First, iPic Movie Theaters bill themselves as a luxury moviegoing experience.  Featuring leather chairs and recliners, patrons reserve their assigned seats for one of the eight screens online.  Nearby, guests are welcome to dine in at Tanzy Restaurant, but a partnership with iPic broadens a diner’s options.  Guests can also pick up express meals from Tanzy to enjoy in their theater seats or, for a premium, be served by wait staff during the show.  Salt Bar will have a presence, as well.

iPIC Theater, looking southwest

To, literally, top off an evening out, a jazz club will be situated right above the movie theater.  Expected to spread 2800ft2, the venue will feature glass walls that will open up in seasonable weather.  Performances are expected on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and the space will be available for rent at other times.   When noise concerns were raised at the public meeting, Goldman assured those present that the club will be elevated 40ft and shielded by offices and green roof.  Although there appear to be some planning and permitting hoops in navigating the final the space, the excitement in the room was palpable.

The Second Phase of Pike & Rose will feature seven buildings divided over two sub-phases.  The first sub-phase (2A) breaks ground in February 2014 on the first four buildings with an expected delivery of 2016.

First, a 300-unit boutique hotel is planned.  Goldman wasn’t ready to share the name of the hotel company they are working with but did hint that two of their properties are listed in Conde Nast magazine’s top 20 hotels in the country.

Block 7 - Hotel and Retail

A mixed-use building will feature intricate brick work reminiscent of architect Louis Sullivan. Eight stories of residential units (presently projected as rental) stand atop two levels of retail all adjacent to a quaint park.  Nearby, two pocket kiosk buildings will house a coffee shop and a restaurant to enliven the whole block.

Rose Park and Residential/Retail

Rose Park (also seen in the image above) was highlighted as a unique amenity on the property.  Not meant to be a “big, flat space,” the Park will feature an amphitheater and sloped lawn for seating.  A rolling hill effect will include low stone walls, creating pockets of lawn to be used as destinations, rather than cut-throughs.

Nearby, a two-story retail building will, again, focus on details and placemaking with a beautiful façade, awnings and huge arched windows.  With a second floor full of glass and light, it’s no surprise that Federal Realty is in talks with a restaurant to occupy the space.

Building 4!

A second two-story retail building rounds out Phase 2A and will sit at the South side of the entrance to Pike and Rose, right on Rockville Pike.

Phase 2B will be built-out when the market is supportive and will include a high-rise office building, a 200-unit residential building and another office/day care facility.  Federal Realty is hoping that the Planning Department will allow some flexibility with the office building’s size and has requested a range of 6-8 stories.  Located at the corner of Pike and Montrose, the goal is for the building to be sized based on the market as it exists when the phase begins.  The residential building included in Phase 2B (seen below)  features a unique structure that arches over the road.  At 200 units, the building’s roof will be an outdoor amenity space for residents with offerings including a lawn, pool, grill area and fitness center.

Block 2

All in all, Phase 2 of Pike & Rose will include 3 surface parking lots, street trees and bushes and a great deal of storm water management.  Because 40% of the site’s surfaces are permeable, between the ground and green roofs, we’re looking at a huge improvement over the vast parking lots that exist today.  Federal Realty is also undertaking major upgrades to the WSSC water and sewer lines.  Property owners between the Pike & Rose site and the Cabin John Creek watershed will likely reap benefits from the infrastructure investment Federal Realty is making.

Traffic and parking was a source of concern among some community members present at the meeting but Goldman assured them that many lessons have been learned from the growth in downtown Bethesda. Pike & Rose will feature multiple parking garages with multiple entrances to ease congestion and Federal Realty will maintain control of all parking.  Office parking will be open to the public evenings and weekends.

Pike & Rose is located less than 1/8 mile from the White Flint metro station (even less if the new entrance on Old Georgetown Road ever comes to fruition).  It’s also right on the planned BRT line and has two Bike Share locations dedicated on the property.  A major source of concern remains the infrastructure over which Federal Realty has no control – including the realignment of other County roads.  The final improvements to Old Georgetown Road and Hoya, for example, aren’t even funded in the current 6-year CIP.  When the County does its part on the transit and transportation piece, we’ll be well on our way toward rePIKEalization.


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Thanks for the terrific update! This looks like it is shaping up to be a fantastic project. If they can nail integration with the project’s frontages on the Pike and Old Gtown Rd, we could have ourselves a winner here. This looks MUCH more appealing to me than JBG’s North Bethesda Market, which is too inwardly focused for my taste.

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