Revisiting the “City,” “Suburb” and Everything in Between

Revisiting the “City,” “Suburb” and Everything in Between

Just a quick Google search of “cities vs. suburbs” will tell you that this debate isn’t as simple as which is one is better than the other. The new debate is whether or not this distinction is even relevant anymore.

Two recent articles from the Urban Land Institute, Richard Florida’s “The Fading Differentiation between City and Suburb” and Trisha Riggs’ “How to Make Suburbs Work Like Cities” delve further into this issue. Both articles address the idea that cities and suburbs are looking more and more alike, particularly as transit-oriented, pedestrian-friendly urban cores are now being planned for in traditionally auto-dependent, sprawling suburbs.

White Flint is at the forefront of this very issue – as Riggs points out, it is one of the case studies in highlighted in the Urban Land Institute’s new report Shifting Suburbs: Reinventing Infrastructure for Compact Development. We’re proud that White Flint is seen as an example for others to follow!

Amy Donin


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