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How Many Cars Need to Leave the Road before We Feel Relief?

Posted on by Lindsay Hoffman

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We are all tired of sitting in our region’s notorious traffic. We know there must be a solution and, for that, we agree with the White Flint Sector Plan.  Transit is key!

With the option of reliable transit, more of us will choose to get out of our cars for a variety of our trips. We aren’t anti-car — we are pro-options!  Have you noticed that driving during summertime in our region is luxurious?  When schools are out and more of us are vacationing, our travel times are reduced by nearly 18%!   Now, would you believe that this substantial reduction in travel time is caused by a .6% reduction in total driving ? By getting only a small percentage of drivers to choose other modes of transportation — bus rapid transit, walking, Metro — we will feel a big difference on the roads.

Thank you for being part of FoWF’s Transit Week!  We hope you’ve followed the blog all this week to learn more about why transit options are so important. This includes Rapid Transit, which is planned to run up Rockville Pike with the reliability of rail. That reliability, though, is only guaranteed when the vehicles have dedicated lanes and frequent stations along their route.

Would you like to offer your input on these issues?  Become part of the constructive conversation by joining Friends of White Flint!  Membership is free to residents and community organizations and offered on a sliding scale for businesses and landowners.  We would love to have your engagement as the implementation of White Flint moves forward!

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