Federal Realty Requests Sign Variances at Pike & Rose

Federal Realty Requests Sign Variances at Pike & Rose

Construction for phase one at Pike & Rose is becoming more visible as it rises above the barrier fencing that surrounds it.  Presently, that fencing is covered by a cheap, green mesh but Federal Realty thinks it can do better.  To upgrade the look, though, they’ll need approval for a variance from the Sign Review Board.



Eager to be better neighbors, and offer a more attractive facade during the admittedly messy process of construction, Federal Realty has proposed a new fencing for the 1,860 linear feet along Old Georgetown Road and wrapping around the current project.  The fencing scrim will feature  bold graphics that will not distract drivers but begin creating a sense of place at Pike & Rose.

Also included in the request are two types of temporary pylon signage.  Three freestanding signs will be scattered throughout the property.  At 30′ high by 6.5′ wide, these signs will reflect the Pike and Rose branding.  Variance is also requested for twelve free-standing farm market signs for the Pike Central Farmers Market.  They will be hung from the ten poles already installed around the farm market area plus two banners that will hang between signs.



None of these will be permanent signage.  The fencing scrim will only stay in place during construction and the farmers market signs will stay at that location until new phases move the market elsewhere on the property in a couple of years.

The Sign Review Board will be hearing this issue on Thursday, April 11th at 8:30am in the First Floor Auditorium of the Stella Warner Council Office Building at 100 Maryland Avenue in Rockville.  You may email your thoughts on the variance requests to Roger Waterstreet at the Department of Permitting Services at roger.waterstreet@montgomerycountymd.



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