A Good Neighbor: Meet Howard Feldman

A Good Neighbor: Meet Howard Feldman

Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with local businessman Howard Feldman. A longtime Bethesda resident, Howard moved his State Farm Insurance agency one year ago from Prince George’s County to its current home in the Beco building, across from White Flint Mall.

Howard Feldman

Why the move? Howard explained that while working closer to home would be one advantage, being located right in the midst of a massive redevelopment project was a major draw. While the majority of his current customers are longtime clients from Prince George’s, he is actively looking for new clients in Montgomery County, particularly the Rockville/White Flint area. He explained that many of his new clients are young adults, which is not only in line with one of the target markets for the new White Flint but also allows a community-driven business like his to establish lifelong relationships with clients. Howard added that he has Spanish and Mandarin speaking representatives at his office, which gives him the opportunity to reach out to even more communities in the White Flint area.

Howard Feldman Office

While Howard is extremely excited about the new development coming our way, he voiced some concerns about transportation, particularly BRT. He stressed that the right infrastructure needs to come before these projects are completed; not once the entire plan is built out, urging that a solid transportation network should not be built retroactively. He explained that “ buses create business and residential interest” and that having a well-used, fully-functioning BRT system would positively impact small businesses. “I’m looking at a 20-year window for my business,” Howard explains, “I don’t want to be in year 18 and start benefiting ” Howard is interested in working with other small businesses in the area as well as residents to get more involved in the community and ultimately, help create the best White Flint possible (he said the first thing he did when he moved his business to the area was join Friends of White Flint!).

Howard Feldman’s State Farm Insurance Agency is located at 11140 Rockville Pike, Suite 380. To learn more about his business, visit www.howardfeldman.com.

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