Who is Friends of White Flint? It Could Be YOU!

Who is Friends of White Flint? It Could Be YOU!

As you may know from visiting this blog, Friends of White Flint is a non-profit organization committed to ensuring that the redevelopment of White Flint reaches its exciting potential.  We formed in 2007 when the sector’s planning was just beginning and we did so with the vision of creating a cohesive, walkable, forward-thinking and engaging community. To be effective, we have invited all of the stakeholders to the table:  landowners, developers, businesses, community organizations and residents.  We all approach our work on equal footing to continue the constructive conversation on how to make White Flint great.

The Friends of White Flint represents a broad diversity of backgrounds and interests and we invite anyone who cares to engage in our positive, but sensitive, consensus-building approach to join us and have a voice!  Presently, our members include the largest landowners and neighborhood groups and several businesses in and around White Flint as well as many individual residents.  We value all of our members equally.

Membership is open to anyone interested in building the new White Flint and it’s free for residents and community organizations and on a sliding fee-scale for other organizations.  If you want to have a voice in what we do and influence FoWF’s positions on important developments, join us!  Learn more about FoWF by clicking on our About tab and join by completing the form on our Membership page.

If you’d like to speak with us in person, we’ll be at the Pike Central Farmers Market tomorrow, April 20th.  Come find us and we’ll tell you more!


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