Bus Rapid Transit Rolls Out in L.A.

Bus Rapid Transit Rolls Out in L.A.

Few of the ideas coming to White Flint are reinventions of the wheel.  Instead, planners and developers are taking the best of what’s working all over the world and implementing them in our backyard.  

Such is the case with Bus Rapid Transit, which has finally made its debut in Los Angeles with lanes dedicated to buses and bikes.  Per an LA Times article today, “The improvements are long overdue, officials said Tuesday, and [it’s] a step toward bringing Los Angeles’ public transportation system up to par with cities such as Boston, New York and Madrid.”

The rapid transit vehicles will run along the heavily-traveled Wilshire Boulevard.  But the dedicated lanes are not featured along the entire route.  The neighborhoods of Beverly Hills and Westwood fought this improvement and, so, the buses will filter in and out of the regular flows of traffic at those points.  We’ll be watching how this impacts the functionality of the whole project.  Once those buses get stuck in traffic, their reliability will be impacted and we’re curious how that plays out.

**Updated 4:03pm:  Also, see our own Dan Reed on Fox 5 news talking about Bus Rapid Transit in MoCo!  Click here to see the video.


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