Will Bicyclists Feel Safe in White Flint?

Will Bicyclists Feel Safe in White Flint?

Throughout our discussions of the proposed road design for White Flint, we have noted that concerns remain about whether the roads will appropriately accommodate all users.  This includes bicyclists.

Jack Cochrane of MoBike, the Montgomery Bicycle Advocates, weighed in on the new road design.  He believes we can do better and notes that, “at most a third of the business streets in the White Flint Sector Plan will have any sort of bike accommodations.” He also points out the potential conflicts this may cause : “Without bike accommodations, cyclists will either have to ride single file with cars or use the right lane of a busy multi-lane street (or use the sidewalk).  Lack of bike accommodations will deter the type of cyclist we need to attract if we want to increase bicycle mode share.  Without special accommodations, less aggressive riders will ride on the sidewalk or not at all.”

Read his full post here: http://cyclemoco.com/2013/06/white-flint-plan-falls-short-for-bikes/ and let us know what you think!

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Steve Thornton

Yep. I tried to ride my bike from around Loehman’s Plaza to the Rockledge office park on bike day this year, including along Old Georgetown Road. I did it once but never again. I had done a test ride along Nicholson Lane the weekend before to test my route. I absolutely did not feel safe, even on the sidewalk actually on Nicholson Lane or Old Georgetown Road. The safest I felt was on the sidewalk of the new Montrose Parkway.

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