Progress continues at Pike + Rose

Progress continues at Pike + Rose

Pike + Rose from Old Georgetown Road and Executive Boulevard

Construction at Pike + Rose seen from Old Georgetown Road. Photo by the author.

Work continues on Pike + Rose, the new neighborhood being built at the soon-to-be-former Mid-Pike Plaza shopping center at Rockville Pike and Old Georgetown Road. The project already looks very different compared to our last visit to the construction site last month.

1 of the 3 buildings in the project’s first phase, a 174-unit mid-rise apartment building dubbed PerSei, appears to have topped out. Meanwhile, 11800 Grand Park Avenue, an office building, has almost reached its full height, but Pallas, a high-rise building with 300 apartments, has just gotten off the ground. The 3 buildings will share 150,000 square feet of retail, including ground-floor shops and restaurants, and a parking garage.

Developer Federal Realty Investment Trust plans to complete the rest of Pike + Rose in 3 phases over the next 5 years. When finished, the project will contain an additional 430,000 square feet of retail, 1,500 new residences, 1.1 million square feet of offices and a luxury hotel.

Now that 2 of the buildings are close to topping out, we can start to see how they will relate to each other, to the street, and to White Flint as a whole.

Pike + Rose Phase 1 From Across Old Georgetown Road

11800 Grand Park Avenue (left) and PerSei (right) seen from the car dealership across Old Georgetown Road. Photo by the author.

In keeping with the White Flint Sector Plan, the buildings at Pike + Rose come right up to Old Georgetown Road, which is envisioned as an urban street with wide sidewalks, bike paths, and restaurants with outdoor dining. “I’ve got 6 leases signed with restaurants on Old Georgetown Road,” said Evan Goldman, vice president of development at Federal Realty, at a recent meeting about rebuilding the street. “I want outdoor cafes and street trees.”

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation has been reluctant to make changes to Old Georgetown in the near term, meaning that it may remain a cars-only zone for the indefinite future. But one day, the street and the buildings on it might look like this:

11800 grand park avenue

11800 Grand Park Avenue (left) and PerSei (right) in the future. Image from Federal Realty.

It’s still business as usual at Mid-Pike Plaza, the strip mall that Pike + Rose will eventually replace. From the parking lot, you can get another view of 11800 Grand Park Avenue, which on its lower floors will have a high-end iPic movie theatre and a live music venue operated in conjunction with Strathmore. Both of these are scheduled to open in fall 2014.

Future Office + Retail Building

11800 Grand Park Avenue, seen from the parking lot of Mid-Pike Plaza. Photo by the author.

Comparing the current photo to the rendering below, you can start to see what Grand Park Avenue will look like: a fairly narrow street lined by wide sidewalks with street trees and outdoor seating. Judging from the proportions, it might be comparable to Maryland Avenue in Rockville Town Square, another Federal Realty project.

Rendering of Pike + Rose. When finished, it'll be 5 times the size of Bethesda Row.

Roughly the same spot in the future. Rendering from Federal Realty.

It’ll be interesting to see how this project evolves over time. As I wrote last year, one of the challenges facing Pike + Rose is becoming an authentic gathering place for the community. It’s one thing to put up buildings and lay out streets, but another entirely to make a place where people will want to spend their time.

Construction at Pike + Rose Farmers' Market

New buildings at Pike + Rose rise behind the Pike Central Farm Market.

And it might happen, judging from the weekly Pike Central Farm Market held in the parking lot of Mid-Pike Plaza each Saturday. The market hosts over 40 local vendors selling everything from fresh vegetables to wine, and when Friends of White Flint had a table there 2 weeks ago, it was packed. Eventually, this market will move to one of the squares inside Pike + Rose.

The buildings and public spaces may not be done yet, but the people and activity are already here. That’s a good sign for when Pike + Rose becomes a reality.

For more photos of Pike + Rose under construction, check out this slideshow.

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Dan Reed writes about planning issues in Montgomery County and is interested in how people, especially young people, experience the urban realm. He grew up in Silver Spring and earned a double degree in Architecture and English at the University of Maryland. Dan recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a master's in City Planning. Since 2006, Dan has written his own blog, Just Up the Pike, about eastern Montgomery County.


Mary Adams

Thank you for taking the photos from the rendering viewpoints! It really helps me envision the completion.


Thanks Dan. It’s been interesting watching P&R spring up out if the ground over the past year.

The launch of the farmer’s market has, I think, been a fantastic idea. Last week when going by the market I noticed a yoga class taking place in the central “square”. Not something I’m going to be participating in, but it was nice seeing a greater level of activity there.

The issue of Old Gtown Rd is going to be a significant one in terms of making this a legitimately dense, walkable urban neighborhood. It simply cannot continue in its current state, which is incongruous with a walkable, urban neighborhood.

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