Miami Gets Creative to Encourage New Ideas

Miami Gets Creative to Encourage New Ideas

Planning of the new White Flint has been an award-winning process.  Rarely in redevelopment does the entire community come together to find consensus in making an area great for everyone – residents, businesses and landowners.  It was Friends of White Flint that really kickstarted that effort.  The Miami Foundation is taking their public engagement along a different route: by offering cash prizes for ideas.

The Miami Foundation has called on the public to “propose ideas for neighborhood public spaces – either improvements to existing spaces, or entirely new ones – that can be done quickly and inexpensively,” says a Miami Herald article announcing the project.  The prize is $100,000 in cash to implement one or more of the winning ideas.  “The idea is based on a growing number of studies that show a close relationship between fiscal prosperity and cities whose residents feel a warm affinity for their hometowns. That’s in part because cities that people are proud to live in also tend to attract and retain the type of skilled, talented workers who drive economic growth.”  Sound familiar, Montgomery County?

For at least the time being, White Flint is being built on the gratitude-for-ideas model and Friends of White Flint is a great venue to be heard by the right people.  As we’ve highlighted already, the county Parks Department is soliciting ideas from the public as they develop their vision of the new Wall Park.  Whether there’s a cash prize or not, getting engaged to create a wonderful community always pays off.

Lindsay Hoffman


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