Speak up when you’re stuck in traffic

Speak up when you’re stuck in traffic

Our area has the worst traffic in the nation – and now you can let your U.S. Representative and Senators know that you want real solutions to this problem, every time you’re stuck in traffic.  Building America’s Future, which lobbies for more infrastructure spending, recently released the I’m Stuck app.

The process is pretty straightforward. You enter your information once so the app can determine who your elected officials are in Congress. Then, simply choose how you are stuck – options include “traffic jam,” “metro/subway delay,” “bus delay,” “overcrowded transit” and others – and a message will be sent to your representatives.

Streetsblog Capitol Hill suggests writing in the “add description” field to specify what kind of improvements you want to see: “The app sends a broad message to Congress that Americans want more spending without being very specific about how or where or for what…so, enlightened drivers can write in, ‘I’m stuck in traffic and I wish I had better transportation options so I could get out of my car and take the train instead! Increase transit funding!’” They also advise registering your bicycling and pedestrian complaints under the “Other” option to ensure that these important infrastructure improvements aren’t forgotten.

The I’m Stuck app is free and available in both the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace.

Amy Donin


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