Speak Up on Rapid Transit

Speak Up on Rapid Transit

We’ve been pretty clear that we believe Bus Rapid Transit to be the most sensible solution to our county’s exploding traffic congestion.  What will ultimately become a spider-web of connected routes is the most flexible, cost-sensitive proposal that has been presented.  In a time when doing nothing is not an option, it’s, actually, the only viable solution on the table.   While the plan has some very vocal detractors, it also has a groundswell of support.

It seems to be human nature that, when we don’t like a plan or idea, we rise up to fight it.  But, when we do like a plan or idea, we nod our heads satisfied that the County is looking out for us — but we aren’t as driven to share our approval.  Now is the time to make our voices heard that Bus Rapid Transit is a smart solution.  It offers us an option beyond needing our cars for every errand and it completes the vision of a more walkable, transit-oriented White Flint.  Did you know that very few drivers need to make a different travel decision to make our roads feel much less congested?

The County Council is holding a public hearing on September 24th and they want to know what you think of the Bus Rapid Transit plan.  Everyone who signs up to testify will have three minutes to share their thoughts with our county leaders and we want to ensure that both sides of the issue are well-represented.

So, don’t let this be one of those times when you see a good idea and presume the County will follow through with it.  The plan for Rapid Transit is at risk of being scaled back, at the least, and the Council needs to hear the public’s support for a healthy, reliable transit option.  To sign up to speak, just call 240-777-7083 and if you need help getting your thoughts shaped into testimony, shoot us an email at info@WhiteFlint.org and we’ll be happy to help!

Lindsay Hoffman


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