Breathe easier during your commute

Breathe easier during your commute

The D.C. area is ranked first in traffic congestion, and unfortunately, a recent study from MIT reports that Maryland deaths related to long-term exposure to air pollution are the highest in the U.S. The Capital News Service reports that:

“Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that emissions from cars, trucks, industrial smokestacks, trains, boats, and commercial heating systems contribute to the death of 113 people per 100,000 population per year in Maryland—more than any other state.”

Personal vehicles are a major contributor to greenhouse gasses, and the problem is only going to get worse as traffic in our area grows.

However, now is your chance to invest in a healthier future for Maryland and Montgomery County, by telling the County Council you support Bus Rapid Transit. Our friends at the Coalition for Smarter Growth have made it easy for you to write to them here. Don’t delay – the public record closes tomorrow, Friday, September 27.

Amy Donin


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