White Flint Elementary School Site Up for Discussion

White Flint Elementary School Site Up for Discussion

As the plans for a redeveloped White Flint Mall make their way through the planning process, the issue of reserving space for a future elementary school has returned.  The White Flint Sector Plan calls for 3.6 acres just south of White Flint Mall to be held for this purpose.  Presently, the site is a surface parking lot.

The Montgomery County School Board is asking the Planning Board to reconsider a slightly smaller plot of land on the north side of the Mall.  There, 2.5 acres abut the 8.5 acre White Flint Neighborhood Park.  MCPS planning officials think this site is preferable as it will give students access to the park’s open space.  County planners express concern about the uneven terrain and large number of trees at the northern site.  In any event, it’s not expected that the need for school construction will arise for several years – the plan is to reserve the property for 20 years.  But, as the Mall’s plans march forward, it’s important to have this piece resolved.

At this stage, the School Board is revising a letter that it will transmit to the Planning Board requesting the issue be reopened.  Read more from the Gazette here.

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