Apply for the National Transportation Planning Board’s 2014 Citizens Advisory Committee!

Apply for the National Transportation Planning Board’s 2014 Citizens Advisory Committee!

Are you a leader in your community or an interested citizen?

Are you interested in regional transportation issues?

Are environmental, business, or civic interests in transportation important to you?

Then apply for membership on the 2014 Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) to the National Transportation Planning Board (TPB) under the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG).

The CAC is:

“a group of 15 people who represent diverse viewpoints on regional transportation issues. The TPB is the body that coordinates transportation planning for the metropolitan Washington region, and includes elected local officials, representatives from transportation agencies, and other key officials.”

“The mission of the CAC is to promote public involvement in transportation planning for the region, and provide independent, region-oriented citizen advice to the TPB.”

To apply, complete their online application by noon on December 23rd.

For more information, check out CAC’s website or contact:
John Swanson, Department of Transportation Planning
Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
777 N. Capitol St., NE
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 962-3295

Rebecca Hertz


Rebecca Hertz is the Assistant Executive Director of Friends of White Flint. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in International Development and Social Change from Clark University, Worcester Massachusetts in 2012. She completed her Master’s Degree from Clark University, as well, in Community Development and Planning in 2013. She is interested in how built environments impact the health and growth of communities. Prior to this role, she worked as a youth worker and mentor for several non-profit organizations in Maryland and Massachusetts. She grew up in Rockville, MD and has recently moved back to the region.

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