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Another Change for White Flint Post Office

Posted on by Lindsay Hoffman

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We reported last month that the US Post Office housed in White Flint Mall would be moving to a location on Edson Lane.  Turns out, that won’t be the case after all.

We learned today that the USPS could not come to terms with the owners of the Edson Lane property and have now turned their sights to 5056-B Nicholson Lane (see below).  Although the USPS’s mall lease expires in April, they are hoping for a small extension as their plans are now set back.

Nicholson 2

Image from Google Maps

Located between Parklawn Drive and Nebel Street, the new location is a strip shopping center within the 20895 zip code.  Staying in the same zip code had been a stated priority for the USPS during the location selection process but the Edson Lane spot was actually in 20852.

nicholson 1

Image from Google Maps


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