Learning from the Best Downtowns

Learning from the Best Downtowns

Recently, Livability.com released its 2014 list of the Best Downtowns, and included were both Old Town Alexandria and Frederick.  So, we want to know how best to posture White Flint to eventually make this list.

The best downtowns foster creativity, inclusion and innovation. They showcase what is good about a community by offering a diverse array of local architecture, art, lifestyles and things to do. Great downtowns unite residents from all walks of life, even those in the suburbs, by providing places to connect. Above all, the top-performing downtowns must maintain a high level of energy and give all residents in a city a reason to come on down…. “The way to have a really vibrant downtown is to have residents there who can support the businesses and provide that life on the street to make the area seem more lively and safer,” says Sheila Grant, editor of Downtown Idea Exchange and Downtown Promotion Reporter. “We think they are the most vital part of the city. They give everyone in the outlying areas a sense of community and heritage.”

Everything that Livability.com valued in its survey happens to also be a goal of the new White Flint.  What would you need to see to make this area a vibrant downtown?

Read Livability’s whole list of Best Downtowns by clicking here.

Lindsay Hoffman


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