Could Addie’s Return to White Flint?

Could Addie’s Return to White Flint?

It’s no secret that Addie’s restaurant has a special place in my heart.  After my now-husband proposed to me (it’s true, at the White Flint Mall Dave & Busters), we celebrated with friends at Addie’s.  So, as we’re all adjusting to the changes coming with a redeveloped White Flint, I was sad to see this neighborhood staple close.  To be clear, though, the restaurant did not close because of the Sector Plan.  Addie’s, which opened in 1995 as Jeff & Barbara Black’s first restaurant, was needing some serious renovation to the building.  The building’s owner, however, would not offer the Blacks a lease long enough to justify the investment required to repair the building.

But, all may not be lost.  Jeff Black has told Bethesda Magazine that he’d like to bring Addie’s back to our area.  “Put a small circle around [the former site] and that’s where it could be,” he is quoted as saying.  Though he also notes that he prefer to avoid new construction because it lacks character, we’re hoping that some of the exciting ideas coming from White Flint landowners and developers might encourage him to change his mind!

Read the full Bethesda Magazine piece by clicking here.

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