Get to Know Gables White Flint

Get to Know Gables White Flint

The mixed-use project proposed by Gables Residential is highly anticipated by White Flinters because of the promise that surrounds it.  If you’ve been to one of my talks or programs*, you’ve seen my demonstration of how a public/private partnership will result at once in the improvement of our street grid, creation of a huge public park and the build-out of a residential community with restaurant and retail mixed right in.  The “private” part of this partnership comes from Gables Residential.

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If you’ve been to the Pike Central Farmers Market this season, you’ve noticed it’s being held in a triangle-shaped parking lot at Executive Boulevard and Old Georgetown Road.  The sector plan calls for this lot to be squared-off by shifting Executive Boulevard east (see the image above).  This shift, part of what we call the western workaround, both improves our street grid and allows Gables Residential to proceed in building its mixed-use residential/retail/restaurant project.  In the space between Gables’ buildings and the county’s Shriver Aquatic Center, the two bodies are supposed to work together to build a parking garage that will serve both.  Once parking is available in the garage, then the Parks Department can transform the existing surface parking lot at Shriver Aquatic/Wall Park into a true public green space.  A large and exciting recreation center is also planned for the area.

Gables Residential is going to share more about the status of their plans at the July meeting of the White Flint Implementation Committee which, of course, we’ll cover.  But, you can also follow the project on their website:  Check it out!

*If you haven’t been to one of my talks or programs and would like for me to speak with your community organization, just email me to set it up!  I’m happy to share the latest on White Flint plans, as well as a primer on the history of the sector plan and the underlying theories supporting the redevelopment’s success.  And, yes, I also talk about how the plan addresses traffic…

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Bette Pappas

Is a senior center for white flint being planned

    Lindsay Hoffman

    Hi! I’m not aware of a specifically-designated senior center being planned for White Flint. But, the Recreation Department is planning a large, comprehensive recreation center next to Shriver Aquatic Center – it’s envisioned as having many senior amenities, like a social space and exercise center. We expect more details on this over the next year, or so.

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