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Bike Share Programs Have Had Millions of Rides but No Fatalities

Posted on by Rebecca Hertz

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It was recently found that there still has not been a single fatality of a cyclist using bike-share across the 36 bike share programs in the United States. There has been an estimate of over 23 million rides across the bike-share programs in the U.S., which is a great thing to hear.

One reason that cyclists using bike-share bikes are less likely to get injured, or even worse, is because of the bikes themselves. The bikes are heavy and have wide tires that make it much harder for riders to travel fast. Also, some bikes come with lights already installed, making it easier for others to see these cyclists when they are riding. Some people, however, criticize these bike-share programs because they do not require riders to wear helmets.

Also, there is the idea that as biking becomes more popular among individuals for means of both transportation and leisure, drivers will get more used to bikers and will be more willing to share the road with them. As we have discussed in the past, the popularity around biking can even help give reason for more biking infrastructures that will ultimately encourage more safe biking.

We hope that The Capital Bikeshare program will continue to be prevalent in the county, especially in the White Flint sector. We also want riders to continue to feel safe riding their bikes in this area, especially with the biking infrastructure improvements coming to the sector.

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