Too often in community activism, we toss around the term “NIMBY” – it stands for “not in my back yard.”  Today, I’m proud to stand among the 179* members of this community who, in twelve hours yesterday, called themselves YIMBY’s!  You sent messages to the county that you want Old Georgetown Road built properly, right in your back yards.

Friends of White Flint issued a call to action because we have worked hard toward a walkable, sustainable White Flint.  We are confident that the combination of a new street grid and the associated pedestrian and bicyclist amenities is crucial toward addressing traffic in our area.

So, let me addend yesterday’s post with a note that Friends of White Flint will be happily proven wrong on the design of Old Georgetown Road. In an email yesterday from a county official, I was told that “70% designs will be ready in October/November.”  If we’re only weeks away from reaching this threshold, then we look forward to a road design that orients this artery for the future and offers the bike/pedestrian amenities we were promised.

* we reached 200 before the day was done!

Lindsay Hoffman


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