Daimler Weighs in on Bus Rapid Transit

Daimler Weighs in on Bus Rapid Transit

Last week, auto giant Daimler participated in a Japanese forum focused on the successful model of Bus Rapid Transit. As a primary manufacturer of rapid transit vehicles, Daimler has participated in the development of these systems all over the world and, so, their perspective is unique.

Tokyo is considering Rapid Transit in advance of the 2020 Summer Olympics and Daimler did their part to show that it’s a smart transit solution.  As a piece in Autocar Professional (an Indian/Asian publication) noted:

Around 180 BRT systems are in operation worldwide. The fleets encompass a total of 40,000 buses that transport 30 million passengers every day. Besides being used for normal operations, the concept has proved its worth in connection with major events. For example, nine of the 12 Brazilian cities that hosted the World Cup used this kind of public transport.

Municipalities are impressed by the fact that BRT systems generate lower construction and maintenance costs than other means of transportation with a comparable passenger capacity. In addition, express bus lanes can be set up more quickly than tram or subway lines. The barrier-free stops that are typical of BRT systems make it easier for people whose mobility is impaired to enter the buses. Lastly, the advance ticket sale feature reduces waiting times, thus making the system even more appealing for operators and passengers.

“BRT has been a success story on all continents. We are sure that the concept will also effectively complement the mass transit infrastructure in Japan,” says Gustav Tuschen, Head of Development at Daimler Buses.

Montgomery County is in the process of creating its own Rapid Transit System to join this worldwide revolution in transit.  It will offer more options to our residents and address our ever-worsening traffic.  Right now, the County is looking for a few good people to participate on community advisory committees to help shape the system.  Please consider nominating yourself!  Applications are being accepted until November 21st and it’s absolutely critical that engaged and interested folks have a voice in this process!  Click here for more information on the advisory committees – and how to apply. And, click here for the full piece from Autocar Professional.

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