Why Narrower Travel Lanes Should be Required

Why Narrower Travel Lanes Should be Required

Jeff Speck is one of our nation’s leaders in city planning and urban design. A month or two ago, he wrote the following:

the single best thing we can do for the health, wealth, and integrity of this great nation is to forbid the construction, ever again, of any traffic lane wider than 10 feet.

And, then, he backed this statement up with research, science and engineering.

Ten foot travel lanes frighten many folks – click here to better understand them, and understand why they’re right for White Flint moving forward.  Click here.

Lindsay Hoffman




Given the outrageously skimpy sidewalks in close-in Montgomery County, a 5-foot bike lane and curb plus 1-foot wider sidewalks would be even better.

Gary Clarke

Today I observed a car trying to park along Woodglen. When the driver open her door she hit a passing car. Lots of damage to both cars. So much for narrow lanes, I think we need some driver education.

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