A quick summary of the January Implementation Advisory Committee Meeting

A quick summary of the January Implementation Advisory Committee Meeting

Below is a quick summary of last night’s White Flint Sector Plan Implementation Advisory Committee. (We attend and report so you don’t have to come out in the cold and rain. Just one of the many benefits of being a part of Friends of White Flint.)

  • Gables White Flint will be taking their preliminary plan and site plan to the Planning Board most likely during the first or second quarter.
  • NoBe II is going to the Planning Board on Thursday, Jan 8, for an amendment to the sketch plan, preliminary plan, and site plan.
  • East Village at North Bethesda Gateway is most likely going to the Planning Board in the first quarter with their preliminary and site plan.
  • In the spring, the planning staff will begin drafting the biennial monitoring report for White Flint and will seek the input of the Implementation Advisory Committee.
  • The White Flint Partnership said they will be developing a logo for the Pike District over the next six months. (Incidentally, the folks on the Implementation Advisory Committee expressed enthusiastic support for the name “Pike District” while also reminding everyone that the Pike District is a commercial name and will not encroach on surrounding residential neighborhoods.)
  • The Board of Public Works approved the sale of land for the new fire station and senior housing.
  • The first phase of the Western Workaround project will only include portions of Market, Main and Executive, and will not include a link to Grand Park Avenue because there is still a timing issue in developing the property that would need to dedicate the Right of Way needed to connect Executive and Grand Park. Also, the County Executive is putting in a request to the Council to move up funding of the portion of Market and Executive that surround the Conference Center to FY 16, which actually begins in Summer 2015, so the project could start in earnest by then.
  • The Downtown Advisory Committee is hoping to plant some flowers in the median strip islands in the Pike District in the spring.
  • The next meeting will be held March 9th.

(In case you misplaced your spreadsheet delineating the various groups working to make the White Flint Sector Plan a reality, the White Flint Sector Plan Implementation Advisory Committee consists of residents, property owners, representatives from the Executive Branch, and interested groups to monitor the Plan recommendations as well as CIP and Growth Policy and recommend action by the Planning Board and County Council to address issues that may arise.)

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