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Bus vs Train

Posted on by Amy Ginsburg


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A common belief is that sophisticated Montgomery County residents won’t take a bus. Sure, they’ll take metro downtown, but Bus Rapid Transit? Many think it’ll never happen.

According to this article on City Lab, the reality is different than the prevailing assumptions. One study showed that quality of service matters most, not the type of transport. Great service on a Rapid Transit System with a dedicated lane will attract riders.  Another study demonstrated that when you ask people what features they prefer in a transportation system, light rail exhibits no advantage over BRT.

What does this mean? If the Montgomery County Rapid Transit System offers fast, attractive, reliable service, people will use it  Of course, smart marketing will also be critical, but heck, if marketers can make kale a desirable veggie, they can certainly sell the many benefits of a sleek, modern, bus-centered transit system.

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