Unfortunate news

Unfortunate news

Yes, we’re sad to report there are white flakes and cold rain drifting down from grey skies on the first day of spring, but we’re even sadder to report that on Monday night the Rockville Mayor and Council voted 3-2 in favor of widening Rockville Pike to 252 feet.  They took this action even though there was very strong opposition by the community. We join many others who are disappointed in this outcome because it contradicts the vision in the White Flint Sector Plan for a pedestrian friendly and walkable community. Not to mention we are not looking forward to what will no doubt become a renown traffic back-up on the Pike around Montrose Road as all those lanes merge and fade away as Route 355 reaches the Pike District.  If you want to read all the details, click here.

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Amy Ginsburg


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How come planners always show streets basically empty (or at least very early weekend traffic) but they show More people then you would likely see at the same time? It would be interesting to see illustrations with Saturday afternoon auto and foot traffic when it tends to be at peak. at least with current traffic load. Then it would be telling to see how roads around would look. I suspect things wouldn’t look as appealing. To Rockville’s defense, the illustrations do show buildings with street front shopping, so I guess technically if you count the current parking lots, technically you might have to walk less. I was also just doing the math, if I’m countingets correctly it would take about 60-90 seconds to cross the street, which I’ve never seen a crosswalk anywhere last that long. so either you run or you cross in two parts which will significantly limit who crosses the street I suspect.

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