Protected bike lanes — a winning proposition

Protected bike lanes — a winning proposition

Woodglen bike lane
The advantages of protected bike lanes are many. Rather than bicyclists and drivers maneuvering and fighting for space, each has its own safe space for their preferred mode of travel, according to a recent study.
  • Across six cities, the study found a rise of ridership between 21% and 171% after the lanes were installed.
  • Ten percent of cyclists said they would have used another form of transportation before the lanes were built.
  • Some 43% of residents said the lanes improve the desirability of their neighborhood, compared to 14% who said it detracted from desirability.
  • Nineteen percent of cyclists and 20% of residents were more likely to visits stores with the new bike lanes installed.
  • More than half of residents said traffic had become more predictable as a result of the bike lanes.
The Pike District already has a protected bike lane on Woodglen Drive by North Bethesda Market. How many more people would ride their bikes rather than drive their cars if they had safe lanes in which to pedal? Imagine the reduced traffic, healthier lifestyles, and increased fun if protected bike lanes were the norm.

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