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The power of 10mph to save lives

Driving speed has a dramatic effect on the driver’s “cone of vision,” according to an interesting article on As you can see in the above drawing, you can see remarkably more detail when you drive at 20 mph rather than 30 mph. At 30 mph, nearly all the people on the sidewalk simply aren’t seen by the driver.  When drivers say after a close call with a pedestrian or bicyclist, “I didn’t see them!” they are telling the truth.

And then there’s lethality. If a car drives 40 mph and hits a person, he has an 85% chance of dying. Cut that speed in half and you cut the death rate to just 5%. LethalityDo we want the Pike District to be as safe as possible for teens walking to the yogurt store after school and officer workers walking to happy hours after a long day? Do we want bicyclists commuting to work and families riding  their bikes to the farmers market to be as safe as possible? Then we must figure out how to set speeds that both move traffic and more important, ensure the safety of Pike District walkers and riders.

Fill your stomach, fill our coffers

Raise funds at ShopHouse

Five reasons why you should eat dinner tonight between 5pm and 9pm at ShopHouse at Pike & Rose

1) This is the easiest fundraiser ever. You get to raise much-needed funds for Friends of White Flint just by eating dinner and mentioning Friends of White Flint when you order.

2) You’ve wanted to check out ShopHouse for awhile.

3) Chilled rice noodles with fiery sauces, sizzling vegetables, and your favorite meat.  Need we say more?

4) You don’t feel like cooking and everyone in your household is famished after school and work.

5) Through the simple act of eating, you can pretend you’re traveling to Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore.


Should we measure moving people or cars?

Walking to work

In a letter to Casey Anderson,  Chair of the Montgomery County Planning Board, Councilmember Roger Berliner decried the county’s focus on how quickly vehicles get through an intersection leads only to wider roads and larger intersections, instead of what he described as more progressive options for decreasing commute times and getting people living closer to where they work.

Next year the County Council will take up the County’s subdivision staging policy, a policy, which among other things, focuses on the transportation tests that must be met in order for specific development projects, consistent with master plans, to move forward.

Among the suggested options for testing for traffic other than by testing levels of service and critical lane volumes. were:

  • Reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)
  • Testing Person Hours of Travel (PHT), so transportation policy goals could focus on reducing commute times for all people, regardless of the mode of travel
  • Accessibility, testing how much employment or how many residential units are a set travel time (by car, transit, bike, or foot) away from a new development to reward properties that are mixed-use and make jobs and housing more accessible

As the Pike District/White Flint area strives to become a walkable, transit-friendly community, we support this quest for alternative testing methods that would better support policy goals to move people rather than cars.  “The bottom line appears to be that if we measure the right things, we will move towards true multimodal solutions that give residents and businesses the traffic relief they need and a quality of life that we aspire to,” Councilmember Berliner wrote.



The latest on The Gables

The Gables

The Gables project is a much-anticipated 476-apartment complex with 31,000 square feet of commercial space set to be built on Old Georgetown Road. On April 30, the Planning Board will review The Gables’ preliminary plan and site plan for the project.  As you may recall, this project requires the realignment of Executive Boulevard (the Western Workaround) and will hopefully bring the new parking required for the expansion of Wall Park.

Eddie Meder, Gables Development Associate said, “The Pike District is an extraordinary area, and we are excited to move forward and start construction.”

In order to transform Wall Park’s current surface parking lot into beautiful green space for the community, a parking garage for the Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center must be built. “We’ve set aside land on our property to accommodate the approximately 400 garage spaces needed for the Aquatic Center and the proposed recreation center,” said Eddie Meder. “We’ve engineered a solution where we can phase-in the garage,  building spaces for our mixed-use property, 250 spaces to replace the existing Aquatic Center surface parking lot, and someday, another 150 spaces for the recreation center.  We’re ready, willing, and able to make the parking garage work, and I know the County is trying their best to figure out how to fund their share of the cost. We look forward to working with the County to create the largest public amenity, an enlarged and engaging Wall Park, in the Pike District.”

The Gables project will also incorporate artistic elements including one that is composed of a colored Plexiglas panel configuration that will be part of the elevated walkway that links the East and Central buildings and another that will will feature a projected video underneath the East building.Artistic element








Pike Central Farm Market, we’ve missed you!

Pike Central Farmers Market

No doubt you’ve missed those sweet blueberries, yummy baked treats, and free-range chicken as much as we have. Happily, our wait is over.  Our favorite farmers’ market, the Pike Central Farm Market, returns to the parking lot at 5922 Executive Boulevard (at the corner of Old Georgetown Road and Executive Blvd) this Saturday from 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

Opening day will feature free balloon creations for the kids, Cove Point Winery with free wine tastings, Oat My Goodness with fabulous granola, The Rockville Potters with their wonderful pottery, and delicious handmade candies by The Chocolatiers Palette. They will have fresh crepes from Rita’s and southwestern foods from The Culinary Nomad for breakfast along with hot steaming coffee from Zekes Coffee. Sit and enjoy while listening to the music of Caroline Glattly and Adam Kazminsky. Other vendors will have fresh produce, eggs, cheeses, meats, poultry, breads, cakes, doughnuts, fish, ice cream, and much more all summer long.

In honor of this much-anticipated day, Pike & Rose is celebrating with a contest to win a $200 Farm Market Happy Pak. Click here for more details.

The famous weekly Walking Fitness Class also returns this Saturday. They will hold an Interval Toning and Cardio class at Pike Central Farm Market lead by a certified fitness instructor. The class is designed to challenge your body in as many ways as possible as we walk a specified route. Sign up at



Do good by eating good!

ShopHouse raises funds for Friends of White Flint!

Do good by eating good! On Tuesday, April 28th, all you need to do is …

1) Grab your friends and family

2) Go to ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen at Pike and Rose between 5pm and 9pm on Tuesday, April 28th

3) Tell them that you’re part of Friends of White Flint

4) Enjoy a delicious dinner

… and snap … you’ve just raised money for Friends of White Flint.

Don’t forget to pass this along to your friends, family members, colleagues, sports buddies, neighbors, and anyone else who likes to eat.

How cars squeeze the middle-class

Transportation Costs Hard on Middle Clas

Will transit make it easier for middle-class people to live their lives?According to this City Lap article, the numbers show that middle-class Americans spend a much higher share of their total household annual expenditures on getting around, compared with the poorest and richest groups.  Walkable, transit-friendly communities can help everyone spend less on commuting, running errands, and seeing friends.

And the Pike District logo is ….

Pike District Logo

The Downtown Advisory Committee voted yesterday to make this very attractive logo the new logo for the Pike District. Although the color scheme is still being determined, the Committee was quite pleased with this first step in the branding the Pike District.

Other news from yesterday’s White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee:

  • The Downtown Advisory Committee will have a booth at the BCC Chamber’s “The Big Event“, asking attendees to select the services they’d like to be part of a Business Improvement District in the White Flint area.
  • At “The Big Event”, the new website,, will be officially debuted, but it’s live now so go take a look at all the wonderful information available at this site.
  • The garage to be built behind the Conference Center and the re-building of the roads near the Conference Center, also known as the Western Workaround, should start to go forward this summer.
  • The White Flint Implementation Committee reported that White Flint II planning staff work should begin in May, then will reviewed by the County Council in 2016 and adopted in 2017.
  • Lerner Enterprises will be providing hardscaping in the median strip in front of White Flint Mall.
  • Federal Realty is funding landscaping for the corner of Old Georgetown Road and Rockville Pike.
  • Regional offices of Merrill Lynch and Bank of America will be moving in to Pike & Rose in the next few weeks.