And the Pike District logo is ….

And the Pike District logo is ….

Pike District Logo

The Downtown Advisory Committee voted yesterday to make this very attractive logo the new logo for the Pike District. Although the color scheme is still being determined, the Committee was quite pleased with this first step in the branding the Pike District.

Other news from yesterday’s White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee:

  • The Downtown Advisory Committee will have a booth at the BCC Chamber’s “The Big Event“, asking attendees to select the services┬áthey’d like to be part of a Business Improvement District in the White Flint area.
  • At “The Big Event”, the new website,, will be officially debuted, but it’s live now so go take a look at all the wonderful information available at this site.
  • The garage to be built behind the Conference Center and the re-building of the roads near the Conference Center, also known as the Western Workaround, should start to go forward this summer.
  • The White Flint Implementation Committee reported that White Flint II planning staff work should begin in May, then will reviewed by the County Council in 2016 and adopted in 2017.
  • Lerner Enterprises will be providing hardscaping in the median strip in front of White Flint Mall.
  • Federal Realty is funding landscaping for the corner of Old Georgetown Road and Rockville Pike.
  • Regional offices of Merrill Lynch and Bank of America will be moving in to Pike & Rose in the next few weeks.




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