Fill your stomach, fill our coffers

Fill your stomach, fill our coffers

Raise funds at ShopHouse

Five reasons why you should eat dinner tonight between 5pm and 9pm at ShopHouse at Pike & Rose

1) This is the easiest fundraiser ever. You get to raise much-needed funds for Friends of White Flint just by eating dinner and mentioning Friends of White Flint when you order.

2) You’ve wanted to check out ShopHouse for awhile.

3) Chilled rice noodles with fiery sauces, sizzling vegetables, and your favorite meat.  Need we say more?

4) You don’t feel like cooking and everyone in your household is famished after school and work.

5) Through the simple act of eating, you can pretend you’re traveling to Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore.


Amy Ginsburg


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