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Friends of White Flint on the TV News

It’s hot and humid enough to wring water from air, so today we have a very short blog.

On yesterday’s Fox5 news, there was a story about the litigation over White Flint Mall and what the future holds for the White Flint area.  Check it out here.

Also posted yesterday was a video about the White Flint Mall, #PickthePike, and our area on Montgomery Community Media.  Check it out here.


#PickthePike at the Pike Central Farmer’s Market

As people stuffed their bags full of sweet corn and bright red tomatoes, they stopped to talk to Friends of White Flint board member Eric Grosse to learn more about our #PickthePike campaign (and other issues affecting the White Flint area.)

If you’re interested in volunteering to staff our table at the Pike Central Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings, please email us at We’ll give you talking points and lots of information so you’re fully prepared. If you can volunteer for an hour or a two, or even a whole morning, we’d be grateful.

Thanks for helping to spread the word about our #PickthePike campaign to entice Marriott to choose the Pike District for their new headquarters.

Wow — what a week!

ICYMI, here’s some of the coverage from our very successful launch of #PickthePike:

Washington Business Journal

The Washington Post

Bethesda Magazine

Greater Greater Washington

My MC Media

We’ll be promoting #PickthePike at Saturday’s Pike Central Farmers Maket on the corner of Executive Blvd and Old Georgetown Road. Stop by our table.

And don’t forget to post about our ad and campaign on Facebook and Twitter using #PickthePike hashtag.

Look for our next #PickthePike promotion soon!



#PickthePike is launched!!


This morning, Friends of White Flint launched its #PickthePike campaign to persuade Marriott to pick the Pike District for its new headquarters.  We also unveiled our new #PickthePike ad located at the bus shelter right in front of Marriott headquarters.

Thank you to Councilmember Roger Berliner, State Delegate Marc Korman, State Senator Rich Madaleno, State Farm Agent Howard Feldman, and Pike District resident Heather Dlhopolsky for being critical parts of this campaign kickoff.  All agreed that the Pike District is the perfect spot for Marriott’s new headquarters, citing the area’s many amenities, including easy access to metro, diverse restaurants, many opportunities for entertainment and recreation, and many housing options for Marriott employees just a short stroll or metro stop away from the office.

Check out tomorrow’s weekly eblast for more details, including press coverage and photos. (And if you don’t get our weekly newsletter, you should!  Sign up here.)

#PickthePike Campaign Unveiled Tomorrow Morning

Friends of White Flint  will unveil an audacious campaign to persuade Marriott to “Pick the Pike” for its new headquarters tomorrow morning.

Friends of White Flint will hold a press conference/campaign kickoff  Wednesday, July 22 at 8:30 am at the bus shelter in front of Marriott’s current headquarters at the corner of Rock Spring Drive and Fernwood Road.

Speaking at this exciting campaign launch will be:

Amy Ginsburg, Executive Director, Friends of White Flint

Roger Berliner, Montgomery County Councilmember

Marc Korman, District 16 State Delegate

Howard Feldman, State Farm Insurance, located in the Pike District

Heather Dlhopolsky, resident of the Pike District

We’ll also be unveiling our new #PickthePike ad!

It is truly unique to find residents, businesses, and property owners working together to encourage a company to Pick the Pike District. We hope you can attend and be part of the start of our grassroots campaign to show Marriott why they should #PickthePike for their new headquarters!

Will You Have S’more Fun Tomorrow at Grill Night at Wall Park?

Grill Night

Don’t forget — the summer’s second fun-filled Grill Night is tomorrow, July 21 at 6pm at Wall Park by the Shiver Aquatic Center. Thanks to Gables Pike District for supplying the snacks, soft drinks, and paper products. Additional thanks to the White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee for arranging for The Crimestoppers to play again and for all those yummy s’mores fixings they’ll be bringing. And of course, thank you, Montgomery Parks​, for supplying the grills and setting up all the picnic tables.

Your thoughts on Montrose Parkway East

In yesterday’s weekly e-newsletter, we asked what you thought about the proposed Montrose Parkway East. Your opinions on this new section of road were pretty evenly divided between pro and con. (It’s not too late to voice your thoughts — email them to )

Here are some of your responses:

“I currently can walk to Giant and all the stores at Montrose Crossing from my residence in Gallery at White Flint Condominiums but think that would not be possible if that project proceeds. “

“I like this new plan.  It could run all the way to 200.  This new addition would be very helpful for people traveling east and west. I also like the idea of going over the train tracks.  It would be safer and less congestion.  The train would keep on rolling and the cars would also.”

“The proposed 4-lane road seems like an over-the-top response to the congestion in the White Flint area. I do agree we need another railroad crossing, and I’m not opposed to an additional road. But to put a road of that size in a quiet neighborhood (past Parklawn) will be really disruptive. “

“I think the Montrose Parkway East is a great plan!  It is desperately needed—(We are NOT all  Pike & Rose bikers & walkers)!  It will greatly improve transportation speed & access thru county for professionals and visitors as well.  Definitely am pro this project! Wish it were already completed!  How long do we meed to wait?”

“I’m of two minds. It will certainly serve as a significant divider between White Flint 2 and White Flint 1 and it’s not a very walkable plan. On the other hand, we do need to get people to the Pike District, and the county needs more east-west roads.”

“It doesn’t make sense to build a major highway in a community that’s trying to become a walkable, transit-friendly area.”

“I don’t like the idea of the SPUI for the intersection of Parklawn and Montrose. They can be confusing, and definitely difficult for pedestrians and bikes and it seems to take just as much space as it would take to do an interchange (on ramp/off ramp). I see Montrose Pkwy as an main arterial roadway that allows ease of travel from Wheaton, Aspen Hill, etc to 270 and will allow that heavy travel to NOT disturb the walkable feel desired for the Pike District.  I see Randolph Rd as the walkable street in the Pike District and Montrose Pkwy as the highway separated by a level change from the walkable streets of the Pike District below.”



How do you make it easier to walk and bike around a community?

Let's choose a grid

According to this article, there are six things a community can do to encourage people to ditch heir cars and instead walk or bike as the go about their day. Here’s how the Pike District scores on each.


1) Stop building cul-de-sacs and bring back the grid

(Yes — the Pike District is developing a robust grid throughout the White Flint area.)

2) Change zoning rules to allow for density and mixed-use development.

(Yes — The 2010 Sector Plan did just that.)

3) Eliminate parking requirements

(Sort of — we’re definitely headed in the right direction.)

4) Put roads on a diet and make lanes narrower.

(Sort of — look for more of this in the future, especially on Route 355 and other main thoroughfares.)

5) Build protected bike lanes

(Yes — check out at Woodglen and Nebel and soon lots of other streets in the Pike District.)

6) Connect bike lanes to create usable routes

(Sort of — The County is working to make this a reality.)