Your thoughts on Montrose Parkway East

Your thoughts on Montrose Parkway East

In yesterday’s weekly e-newsletter, we asked what you thought about the proposed Montrose Parkway East. Your opinions on this new section of road were pretty evenly divided between pro and con. (It’s not too late to voice your thoughts — email them to )

Here are some of your responses:

“I currently can walk to Giant and all the stores at Montrose Crossing from my residence in Gallery at White Flint Condominiums but think that would not be possible if that project proceeds. “

“I like this new plan.  It could run all the way to 200.  This new addition would be very helpful for people traveling east and west. I also like the idea of going over the train tracks.  It would be safer and less congestion.  The train would keep on rolling and the cars would also.”

“The proposed 4-lane road seems like an over-the-top response to the congestion in the White Flint area. I do agree we need another railroad crossing, and I’m not opposed to an additional road. But to put a road of that size in a quiet neighborhood (past Parklawn) will be really disruptive. “

“I think the Montrose Parkway East is a great plan!  It is desperately needed—(We are NOT all  Pike & Rose bikers & walkers)!  It will greatly improve transportation speed & access thru county for professionals and visitors as well.  Definitely am pro this project! Wish it were already completed!  How long do we meed to wait?”

“I’m of two minds. It will certainly serve as a significant divider between White Flint 2 and White Flint 1 and it’s not a very walkable plan. On the other hand, we do need to get people to the Pike District, and the county needs more east-west roads.”

“It doesn’t make sense to build a major highway in a community that’s trying to become a walkable, transit-friendly area.”

“I don’t like the idea of the SPUI for the intersection of Parklawn and Montrose. They can be confusing, and definitely difficult for pedestrians and bikes and it seems to take just as much space as it would take to do an interchange (on ramp/off ramp). I see Montrose Pkwy as an main arterial roadway that allows ease of travel from Wheaton, Aspen Hill, etc to 270 and will allow that heavy travel to NOT disturb the walkable feel desired for the Pike District.  I see Randolph Rd as the walkable street in the Pike District and Montrose Pkwy as the highway separated by a level change from the walkable streets of the Pike District below.”



Amy Ginsburg


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