How to add bike lanes and not lose car capacity

How to add bike lanes and not lose car capacity

How road diets work

As cities across the US build bike lanes, their decisions are often seen as a move to give space to bikes at the expense of cars. But data tells us this isn’t always true: In New York City, for instance, bike lanes have actually shortened cars’ travel times on several streets, while simultaneously encouraging people to bike and making it safer due to road diests. (Vox.) This article continues to say roadĀ diets can take several forms, but the basic idea is that by removing traffic lanes, cities can free up space for bike lanes and reduce the frequency of crashes. Narrowing lanes from 12 feet to 10, meanwhile, makes drivers less likely to speed, and in doing so has also been shown to cut down on crashes that involve drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Watch this quick, informative two-minute video to learn more.

Amy Ginsburg




Very well done video, and informative.
Every time I ride in the bike lane on Woodglen Dr., I want to thank the designers of it for making me feel safe on the road.

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