City Sports is closing because they filed for bankruptcy

City Sports is closing because they filed for bankruptcy

You’ve no doubt heard that City Sports at Pike & Rose is closing its doors. I feel it must be said that this is no indication of the vitality of the Pike District, the White Flint Sector Plan, or even Pike & Rose. City Sports is closing eight of its stores, including their Silver Spring store and Pike District store, because it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

“We understand that City Sports will be closing their store at Pike & Rose as part of a restructuring of the entire chain,” read Federal Realty’s statement. “We’re confident we will replace City Sports with a great retailer or restaurant that will be additive to the Pike & Rose neighborhood.”  (Actually, I’ve heard rumors that Federal Realty will soon be making an announcement about the City Sports space at Pike & Rose.)

Okay, I acknowledge that Friends of White Flint acts as a cheerleader as well as an advocate for the Pike District/White Flint area, so some may greet this post with a bit of skepticism. But from what I and many others see and hear, the Pike District remains quite vibrant,  and we will continue our work to create a walkable, transit-oriented neighborhood full of useful stores, great restaurants, and public spaces.

Amy Ginsburg




Do you know any details about the other Pike & Rose locations that seem to be permanently on hiatus? Namely Carluccio’s and the Neighborhood Restaurant Group concept? I assume Protein Bar pulled out of their lease.

    Amy Ginsburg

    The Protein Bar deal went away a while ago. That space is now Nava health. NRG and Carluccios are on schedule; they just weren’t able to begin building out until the new garage and work on Muse Alley was complete, since both of their spaces front on that side. They are expecting to open in the 1st half of 2016. Hope that helps!

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