Montgomery County Police to Conduct Pedestrian Enforcement Today

Montgomery County Police to Conduct Pedestrian Enforcement Today

Pedestrian-Crossing-Sign_original In an effort to place focus on pedestrian safety, MCPD will be conducting a number of traffic enforcement operations at locations with marked crosswalks and areas that have been identified as pedestrian High Incidence Areas (HIAs) – areas with more pedestrian collisions. During this enforcement, police will be issuing citations to both drivers and pedestrians who are in violation of the law. Officers will stop drivers who do not yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and officers will stop pedestrians who do not cross the street at crosswalks. Also during this traffic operation, officers in uniform will stop those pedestrians and motorists who do not obey the traffic safety laws.

So when you drive today (and everyday, for that matter) on Route 355 from Germantown to Bethesda and on Georgia Avenue from Connecticut Avenue to University Boulevard be extra careful and put down the darn smartphone!

Amy Ginsburg


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