Goodbye Church, Hello Townhouses

Goodbye Church, Hello Townhouses

Montrose Baptist Church on Randolph Road, which is part of the White Flint 2 Sector Plan area, will be be redeveloped into 130 town homes assuming Montgomery County approve its rezoning request. According to Bethesda Magazine, the Montrose Baptist Church’s rezoning case will go before the Montgomery County Planning Board next week and is set for a Dec. 11 hearing in front of a county hearing examiner.

M-NCPPC has recommended approving the rezoning of this land from single-family homes to townhouses, saying”it furthers the land use goals of the 1992 North Bethesda/Garrett Park Master Plan. The proposed development would serve as an appropriate transition between single-family detached houses and more intense uses, and it would increase the diversity of housing types in the surrounding area.”

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Bethesda Magazine wrote”according to Montgomery County Public Schools, the proposed town home project is projected to house 23 students who attend Viers Mill Elementary School, eight middle school students for the area’s Middle School Magnet Consortium and 13 high school students for the Downcounty Consortium made up of five different high schools.

“The amount of rush hour vehicle trips made to and from the town homes would be significantly less than what the school sees now, according to a traffic analysis performed by a consultant for the school and reviewed by the Planning Department.”

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