Executive Boulevard Can Be Saved, according to Urban Land Institute

Executive Boulevard Can Be Saved, according to Urban Land Institute

Executive Boulevard, part of the White Flint 2 Sector, has an office vacancy rate of about 30%. It contains Class B and C office space that few companies find attractive.  None of that is news.

But this is news, and good news, too.  The Urban Land Institute Technical Assistance Panel, or TAP, after a two-day review, determined that Executive Boulevard can be saved, using  a combination of land use, connectivity, amenity and identity improvements. Read their full report/presentation here.

The TAP described the Executive Boulevard area as an “amenity desert,” as “placeless,” as “disconnected from amenities,” and as “confusing.”

The ULI recommended:

  • Accelerate implementation of the north/west Pike & Rose Metrorail station entrance.
  • Implement the planned Old Georgetown Road and Executive Boulevard realignment (called the Western Workaround).
  • Improve pedestrian connections to amenities, such as those at Pike & Rose, and the existing White Flint Metrorail station.
  • Leverage and link to the White Flint recreation loop for walking and biking.
  • Introduce Bikeshare as a multimodal connector.
  • Introduce convenience retail for office workers and future residents, including coffee shops, cafes, drug stores, dry cleaners.
  • Decrease perceived distances between office building entrances and the street by encouraging small retail spaces, pop-up amenities (food trucks, parklets) and outdoor seating.
  • Embrace and enhance the ample green spaces, including mature trees and landscaping, already present.
  • Leverage and link the Executive Boulevard office park to Pike & Rose’s identity.
  • Create a consistent signage and streetscape package to reinforce new identify for office parks.

You can read more about the ULI TAP recommendations at Washington Business Journal and Bethesda Beat

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