A great looking new garage at the Conference Center

A great looking new garage at the Conference Center

At last night’s White Flint Implementation Committee Meeting, Tina Benjamin,┬áChief of Staff at Montgomery County Economic Development, presented plans for the new parking garage for the Bethesda North Conference Center. The new garage is necessary because many of the surface parking lot spaces behind the Conference Center will disappear as the Western Workaround is constructed.

The six-story garage will have 650 spaces in a double helix design. Electric car chargers and bike parking are part of the design as well. A pedestrian bridge connect the second floor ballroom to the garage so there will no longer be a need to stumble through a slippery parking lot in formal wear and heels. Construction will take twelve to fifteen months, and they break ground this summer. The new garage will have entrances from both Executive Boulevard and Market Street which will run parallel to Marinelli Road and Old Georgetown Road. Some of the new roads that are part of the Western Workaround will be build at the same time that this garage is being constructed.

Thanks to creative work and dedication by the County Executive’s Office, the County will not incur any expenses for the new garage.

While there will still be some fine-tuning to the design, below are three images of this good-looking garage.



Amy Ginsburg



M. Groban

This is NOT “a great looking garage”. There is no such thing. Your hype of everything related to the development of White Flint is getting to be a bit much. All of us that live here recognize the “pitch” by now so you would be far better served by just being straight forward. The developers are getting a worse reputation the farther we go because the reality doesn’t measure the hype. What do they do when people start going elsewhere to live and corporations locate elsewhere?

    Amy Ginsburg

    Thanks for commenting. While I agree that garages will never make anyone’s sightseeing list, I do think this is a pretty good looking garage.
    Amy Ginsburg, Executive Director

J. Bond

I think it’s a decent looking garage. Garages can in fact have interesting, eye-catching architecture if they are well-designed. I actually think the new one across the street at Pike & Rose is pretty attractive (for a parking garage).

Thanks for the updates! I look forward to hearing more about the progress of development projects along Rockville Pike after the upcoming meeting.

Neil R.Greene, AIA

Rendering doesn’t look anything like site plan. Are they the same building? What happened to the grid plan early plans showed for the area and why isn’t garage perpendicular to street and grid plan. Garage looks ok but orientation of building to grid is not!

    Amy Ginsburg

    It me awhile to get the answer, but here it is.
    The parking garage has been designed to complement the adjacent Montgomery County Conference Center in terms of material and connectivity. An enclosed pedestrian bridge linking the elevator/stair core and level two of the existing conference center will be provided. The west stair tower is intended to facilitate the addition of the pedestrian bridge, therefore it was necessary to rotate the tower to align with that geometry. The bridge itself will curve to accentuate the curve of the conference center entry.

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