Poignant reminders from a perfect snowstorm

Poignant reminders from a perfect snowstorm

Snowzilla — more than 2 feet of light and lovely snow. The power stayed on, thankfully, so we could be toasty warm and well-fed while we watched the flakes drift down. Most importantly, I love how neighbors tromped through the un-plowed roads, stopping to chat with both old friends and ones just met rather than hurrying to the metro or car with barely a hello. I love how children … of all ages … spontaneously gathered to sled and toss snowballs, no play dates required. ¬†And I loved how communities usually dependent on cars suddenly morphed into walkable neighborhoods.

Snow days remind us of the importance of neighborhoods and of walkability. The corner store open to re-supply us with wine and munchees just half a mile away becomes the most significant retail establishment. Pedestrians take over the streets since it takes longer to shovel two feet of snow from sidewalks than to plow a road. People take walks in twenty degree temps simply to see the snowy world that surrounds them and hear the magical quiet of a snow-covered land.

During a storm everyone wishes they lived in a walkable community with restaurants and retail. Someday the Pike District will be that walkable community.

Amy Ginsburg


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