Five Ways to Walkable

Five Ways to Walkable

Walkable — I probably use that word more than any other when describing the future of the White Flint area. (Bike-friendly, vibrant, and transit-oriented are next on the list of most used words to describe the Pike District, in case you were curious.)
But how does a community become walkable? Do you just build some pretty sidewalks and call it a day?  According to this article, there are five things that make a community walkable.


  1. High density for people and places.
  2. A mixture of homes, places to shop, offices, schools and open space, and those options are intermingled.
  3. A grid design for streets so connections are easy and plentiful.
  4. Buildings that sit up close to the sidewalk with transparent windows to keep eyes on the street and give a glimpse of what’s going on inside.
  5. Small block sizes and small-to-moderate street widths.
The plan for the Pike District does all those things, so we can look forward to a very walkable White Flint.

Amy Ginsburg


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