Bus Rapid Transit is Gaining Traction Across the Country

Bus Rapid Transit is Gaining Traction Across the Country

In an article on Governing, Wes Guskert, President and CEO of The Traffic Group, declared that rapid transit has most of the benefits of light rail at a fraction of the cost.  He writes that ” BRT usually costs 20 percent of a light rail system but can capture 80-85 percent of those who would ride light rail.”

The article also notes that a rapid transit system has all of the amenities of modern rail, including Wi-Fi, level boarding and off-vehicle payment systems while retaining vital flexibility.

Nationally, BRT has resulted in a 400 percent return on investment along transit corridors. The thriving HealthLine BRT in Cleveland delivered more than $4.8 billion in economic development, $114.54 for every dollar spent on the line.

When you look at the data, rapid transit down Route 355 appears to be both a smart money move and smart transit move.

Amy Ginsburg


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