Will it be the tallest building in MoCo?

Will it be the tallest building in MoCo?

In case you missed this in yesterday’s weekly e-newsletter (and if you don’t want to miss our weekly informative e-blast, you can sign up at www.whiteflint.org) here’s the skinny on Saul Centers West.

Yippee and yahoo!! Saul Centers West will take the final step of the Planning Board approval process at the Planning Board’s June 2 meeting. Planning staff recommended approval with conditions of the Preliminary and Site Plans. The Planning Board approved the Sketch Plan for this project in May 2014.

The 300′ tall Saul Centers West will have 740,000 square feet of residential development for up to 655 apartments. 12.5% of them will be MPDUs. There will be up to 204,000 square feet for non-residential uses Seventeen percent of the land will be open space or space for public use including a Capital Bikeshare station, trees and greenery to buffer pedestrians from cars on Route 355, outdoor seating, and a cool fountain.

The building features retail and other nonresidential uses on the ground floor and a four-story underground garage with 415 parking spaces. An “L” shaped tower will be built on top of a six-story base to minimize obstruction to views of those who live in the The Grand which is next to Saul Centers West.

Saul Centers is also hoping for preliminary plan approval June 2 for Phases 2 and 3 of the project. Those phases include a residential high-rise south of the first building and an office building at the intersection of Rockville Pike and Nicholson Lane (The Porcelanosa store is not part Saul Centers West, and there are no current plans to redevelop that site.)

But enough words about Saul Centers West. Here’s what you really want — photos of this exciting and gorgeous project. (If you want more words — many more words — you can review the 81-page staff report by clicking here.)

Amy Ginsburg


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