Big News! Thank you, SHA and MCDOT, for Making the Pike Safer For Pedestrians

Big News! Thank you, SHA and MCDOT, for Making the Pike Safer For Pedestrians

As you might know, Friends of White Flint and the Coalition for Smarter Growth have been working since December to persuade SHA and MCDOT of the necessity of changing the walk signals at Marinelli and Route 355 to make them automatic. We met with SHA and MCDOT three times and even counted the many pedestrians crossing Rockville Pike. Studies have shown that automatic walk signals greatly improve pedestrian safety … and they get us closer to fulfilling our quest to create a walkable community.

We were delighted to receive the following email from SHA  yesterday.

SHA has approved pedestrian recall for the intersection of MD 355 (Rockville Pike) at Marinelli Road. We do not recommend pedestrian recall be implemented at the intersection of MD 355 and MD 187 (Old Georgetown Road) at this time. We will however continue to pursue our design project at this intersection. By copy of this email, I am asking MCDOT to initiate the pedestrian timing change at MD 355 at Marinelli Road.


The new signals are already in place and operational. That’s some quick action, MCDOT!

As for the intersection of Old Georgetown Road and Rockville Pike, SHA and MCDOT have expressed their sincere desire to improve the intersection, including looking at eliminating the hot rights at the intersection. ¬†(A hot right enables traffic to turn right without stopping with a mini-median between the right turn lane and the rest of the lanes.) It’s a complex intersection, and we will continue to work with SHA and MCDOT to improve walkability at Routes 187 and 355.

Stay tuned for additional initiatives from Friends of White Flint and Coalition for Smarter Growth to improve pedestrian safety on Rockville Pike.

Amy Ginsburg


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