Last Week’s Downtown Advisory Committee Meeting

Last Week’s Downtown Advisory Committee Meeting

Here is a quick summary of what the members of the White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee discussed at their meeting last Tuesday.
Ken Hartman
  • The county is updating the restaurant and development maps on
  • 138 bags of refuse was picked up two weeks ago as well as median signs. (On average the county’s crew picks up 120 to 168 bags of trash each week.)
  • The county is replanting in the median by Nicholson to replace plants lost over the winter.
  • Chapman Avenue is now open between Randolph and Old Georgetown.
Brian Downie
  • The Conference enter garage will truly begin the formation of the Pike District grid.  In a relatively short period of time people will see how the sector plan is working and the area is starting to take shape.
Peggy Schwartz
  • The County is holding teleworking webinars to help with SafeTrack.
Nkosi Yearwood
  • LCOR has a proposal for the back end of their property.
  • The next White Flint 2 meetings are June 20 and July 7.
Brian Downie
  • The Planning Department is updating its subdivision ordinance, and a difference of opinion has emerged over public roads on private property.  Saul Centers West is unsure if it is getting approval for its garage under the road on its property even though they have planning approval. There are questions about whether or not it is an issue for a public street to have a public garage under it. (More on this issue later.)
Amy Ginsburg
  • Friends of White Flint, working with the County and Coalition for Smarter Growth, had a big win, getting SHA to agree to make the pedestrian signals at Marinelli and Route 355 automatic. They are continuing their efforts to make the Pike more pedestrian friendly.
Carolyn Chen
  • Working with DOT and communications strategy firm to house development and construction updates on the Pike District website.
  • Planning a paper mailing to residents and businesses in the 20852 zipcode, highlighting developers and property events.
  • Sponsoring broad events, from running, walking and biking clubs and events; local high school sports teams and teachers; artists, farmer’s market, millennial interests
  • Mickey Papillon of Federal Realty is joining the committee and Tom Murphy was elected to be the new chairman.
  • FallFest on October 8 is really coming together and should be a terrific event with The Nighthawks, food trucks, and a ribbon cutting.

Amy Ginsburg


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