What Happened at Today’s WF Downtown Advisory Committee

What Happened at Today’s WF Downtown Advisory Committee

Onto the White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee Meeting.

Tom Murphy, the new chairman, led the meeting and recognized the many contributions of the previous chair, Brian Downie.

Ken Hartman reported that Rupert Landscaping is refreshing the plants on the medians along Rockville Pike. He is working with DOT to figure out how to hang Pike District banners along Route 355.

Dee Metz said the Nebel Street bikeway is going more slowly than anticipated due to utility work.  In the fall, after the concrete work and resurfacing, we should be able to enjoy bike lanes.  The Western Workaround should start in early October (yes, it’s a bit delayed) and people can get updated info on the project at pikedistrict.org.

Dee also noted that there have been a few questions about the new Chapman Avenue. There will soon be signs on Chapman reminding folks to share the road with bikes.  Residents of White Flint Station would like a 4 way stop by their garage, but Dee said that’s not advisable due to safety concerns.

Peggy Schwartz reported that Walk and Ride is in September and that SafeTrack comes to MoCo in August.

Nkosi Yearwood said that an amendment for Gables will come before the Planning Board in Auust or September. He also talked about the White Flint 2 Plan meeting that was held last night.

Bob Daly will be the incoming chair for the Downtown Advisory Committee. There will be no August meeting.

Fall Fest featuring the Nighthawks and food trucks will be Saturday, October 8 from 12 noon to 2:00 pm.

Finally, the GoPro video of the Bethesda Trolley Trail received 6,700 impressions on Facebook.


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