Yes, they’re still tied up in court.

Yes, they’re still tied up in court.

The White Flint Mall and Lord & Taylor case just got scheduled Oct. 25 to 28 in Richmond at The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. The Mall’s owners are appealing a District Court decision that awarded Lord & Taylor $31 million in damages. White Flint Mall owners appealed so they can provide evidence  about the future potential profits for Lord & Taylor from the redeveloped town center that will one day be built on the property. Lord & Taylor appealed because they believe they deserve more than $31 million in damages.

According to the Washington Business Journal, “The U.S. District Court jury found in August 2015 that White Flint broke a decades-old agreement with Lord & Taylor to operate White Flint as a high-end retail center by deliberately vacating the roughly 800,000-square-foot enclosed mall and voted 6-1 to award the retailer $31 million in lost profits and related costs.”

Amy Ginsburg



Jay Hansen

Good. Let’s get this resolved so we can start construction on this project. This is what the residents of Garrett Park Estates want! It’s taking too long!!

Start this already

I agree! I have boycotted L&T since all this began and now more people are finally doing the same thing. This needs to move on… all residents I have spoken to in the surrounding neighborhoods just want the redevelopment to begin. Tremendous value and convenience to the region when this will all be completed.


This is so frustrating. I hope the court favors the appeal of the development group. If L+T win all they will do is take the money and shut down the store 6 months later. They could care less about the community. So much time wasted. I hope it gets resolved soon.

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