Making MoCo appealing to new, young residents in GGW

Making MoCo appealing to new, young residents in GGW

In yesterday’s blog, Greater Greater Washington asks how we can make MoCo attractive for those infamous millennials everyone is always talking about.

“… for those who want the urban experience, the county has serious competition from other parts of the region, especially the District and Arlington. And if you work in Montgomery County, particularly outside the Beltway, you’re forced to choose living in an urban neighborhood far from work or a more suburban area with a shorter commute.”

The article continues, “For years, Montgomery County has encouraged the creation of more downtowns and town centers in places like White Flint, Germantown, and White Oak, while promoting the ongoing development of urban places like Silver Spring or Bethesda. That’s great for people moving to the area … . However, we still have lots of work to do in making these places attractive to new, younger residents, from creating more walkable and bikeable streets to streamlining our liquor laws to make it easier for restaurants and bars to open here.”

Is the Pike District going to be one of those urban areas that attract new residents and millennials to MoCo? It will if Friends has anything to do with it.  (Luckily, we do!)

Amy Ginsburg


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