County Launches Get on Board BRT Campaign.

County Launches Get on Board BRT Campaign.

Last week, Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett launched the start of a naming contest to brand the County’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, which in the next few years is expected to transform the transportation alternatives available in the County.

County Executive Leggett said, “I am committed to putting practical, cost-effective transit options on the ground in the near term. One of my highest priorities is to provide world-class transportation options for all our residents who live and work throughout the County that will provide congestion relief and also unlock Montgomery County’s economic potential.”

BRT will be a network of fast, reliable, train-like buses that will move more people per lane compared to cars, with each bus taking as many as 90 cars off the road, get travelers out of traffic and help residents reach new jobs created along its corridors. BRT often has its own lane on busy roads, makes fewer stops than a traditional bus and is an environmentally-friendly choice that reduces greenhouse gases. The County is planning BRT on Route 29, Route 355, and Route 586.

“I am committed to a world-class Bus Rapid Transit system in Montgomery County. Marketing and branding have been critical to attracting riders to these systems in other jurisdictions,” said Montgomery County Councilmember and T&E Chair Roger Berliner. “I am pleased that the County is moving forward with this naming effort.”

The naming contest will be held from November 17 through January 20 to help brand the BRT system. The public will be asked to select one of three possible names – Flash, Rapid or Swift – and will automatically be entered to win prizes through random drawings. Voting will occur online on MCDOT’s newly released BRT website: or by texting MOCOBRT to 77453 and then following instructional prompts.

Here are some photos from the press event that launched the Get On Board BRT campaign.


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